Travel and Tours for the Deaf

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Deafness need not stop you from seeing the world or having the adventure of a lifetime. Exciting adventure tours can be arranged to include a sign language interpreter. Travel companions trained in sign language can be hired to accompany individual deaf travelers, or groups. Deaf singles tours or cruises can be planned as a way for unmarried deaf people to meet. Tours can also be planned for deaf vegetarians, skiers, golfers, etc.

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Some deaf-friendly tour operators

  • Worldwide Dive and Sail

    Thailand-based liveboard diving and sailing to the Similan & Surin Islands, Burma and Andamans.

    Naomi Hayim, one of their instructors, signs in ASL and BSL. She can cope also with AUSLAN, which is similar to BSL. She used to know Israeli Sign Language (ISL), and would welcome Israeli deaf divers to refresh her knowledge of ISL.

    Frank van der Linde, another instructor, knows few ASL and BSL signs as well.

    (2005 Nov 27)

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2005 Nov 27