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Statement of purpose

This Web page's goal used to be to contain the addresses of organizations, which work with, and help the hearing impaired (Deaf, deaf and hard-of-hearing) in every country and geographical region of the world. The audience of this page consisted of:

  1. Parents who have been informed that their baby suffers from hearing impairment and do not know whom to contact for information and help.
  2. Adult persons who lost their hearing and do not know whom to contact about their problems.
  3. Travellers to other countries, who want to contact the local organizations where they visit.

However, nowadays every serious organization has its own Web site. Most of the Web sites can now be located by search engines such as Google. Therefore, the original contents of this page were withdrawn.

Last update date: 
2005 Oct 22
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This Web page was created because I do not know of any place having a list of contact information for Israeli organizations in English for the benefit of visitors from abroad.

The Hebrew language list of organizations exists in To find the list of organization, you have to navigate through "kehila" and then "reshimat irgunim", as there is no direct URL to the relevant page due to the Web site design.

If you are deaf tourist, who is planning to visit Israel, you may want to check also Information for deaf tourists to Israel. If you are a Language interpreter, social worker, English language teacher or another professional catering to deaf persons: I plan in the future to add a page with information which would be relevant to you. For the time being, use the contact information in this Web page.

List of Organizations

If what you are looking for is not provided by one of the above organizations, check the FAQ, and if you do not find there answer to your question, E-mail me.

Last update date: 
2010 Dec 9