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If yes, you may want to consider donating me money.
When donating money, please be sure to include a note telling me if and what additional information could make this Web site even more helpful to you.


Donations to me are NOT tax deductible.

How much to donate?

You may want to donate the fixed amount of US$3.80

Or, you may want to determine how much money you made thanks to my help, and donate 10% of the amount after deducting all expenses.

However, if you did not earn money but only saved money, for example thanks to finding a cheaper way to do what you set out to do, then donate 1% of what you saved


Do not donate more than US$100. If the above formulae would have entitled me to a larger donation, then please:

  1. Look for an organization serving the deaf and/or hard of hearing in your area.
  2. Donate to me US$100.
  3. Donate to the organization the rest of the money.

Thank you!