A Dream World

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This document contains ideas about how would a dream world look like in the eyes of adult Deaf people.

John Campbell's version of dream world

(Contributed by M. John Campbell at 12 Sep 1994.)

I'm imagining that we are being asked by our Creator what we want before we come to earth if we are to be deaf in a hearing world in the 1990s. Here are my answers...

  1. We want all equipments such as TDDs and close-captioning decoders wireless!!! Yes, we now have caption chips in our new TVs but my TV doesn't have it....why bother to buy new TV! Of course we all want wireless devices. Our electronic equipments such as PCs are so full of wires...

  2. We want them to be more sophisticated and more affordable, as sophisticated and affordable as the devices used by hearing people.

  3. We want all emergency TV broadcasts to be captioned immediately, like the plane crash or the S.F.earthquake. All TV programs, taped or lived, and video tapes are to be captioned.

  4. We want our education at deaf institutes to be on equal level as at hearing schools. We want them to be run by mostly administrators and teachers who are deaf. We want more institutes.

  5. We want no more fight over methods of communication such as ASL, CS, etc.......We want just one standard of communication, like English, in America!

  6. We want hearing people to stop labeling us as 'deaf and dumb' or 'deaf and mute' and respect us as we respect them. Treat us as normal humans, not animals or strange aliens.

  7. We want all businesses who have TDD numbers to be in phone books as well as in letters. We want businesses to keep their message on TDD's answering machine up-to-date. We want them to know that we are still here.

  8. We want just one Relay number for the whole nation, so that we can call to anywhere within or out of state.

  9. We want to continue leading the world in education, services and rights of the deaf.

Our Creator has granted us this mission. This mission is what? To meet the list of objectives stated above. If one person can change the world, why can't we?

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2005 Dec 1