Miscellaneous Deafness Related WWW Pages


This page contains a list of miscellaneous deafness-related WWW pages.

I do not claim that this page is complete and I do not make any attempt to verify or complete the information in this page. Other people are responsible for maintaining complete and authoritative lists of deafness related WWW pages. I do not want and I do not intend to duplicate their fine work.

The complete and authoritative lists are available in the following URLs:

I repeat: the information in this page was NOT verified to be current or correct. However, if you point out an error by E-mailing the Webmaster, it will be corrected next time the Web site is updated.

Note to Webmasters

On March 11, 2006, I had the unpleasant task of removing several links from this Web page, because they went stale due to various reasons.

If a link went stale because a Web site became out of date or was shut down, fine.

However, if a link went stale due to reorganization of your Web site, then it was a stupid thing of you to do. You should have put a redirect, which redirects visitors to the new location of your valuable information.

List of WWW Pages

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2006 Mar 11