Service for Developers of New Technologies for the Deaf


To Hi-Tech companies and anyone who is interested in the subject:

Do you want to develop a novel product or service and wish to serve the hearing impaired market, either exclusively or in addition to any other markets for your idea?

If yes, do you need advice or β-site testers to help you develop your idea and make it fit for use by the hearing impaired?

If yes, then we suggest that you contact either The Association of the Deaf in Israel or the Institute for Advancement of the Deaf and ask them for the following:

  1. Familiarization with the population of intended users.
  2. Evaluation of your proposal for usability by the hearing impaired.
  3. Ideas how to adapt your product/service to serve better the needs of the hearing impaired.
  4. Help in organizing β-site trials of your product/service.
Last update date: 
2007 Nov 22