I'm a regular school teacher and I'll have a Deaf student. What to do?

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  1. respect deaf people.
  2. respect ASL.
  3. teach deaf to be fluent in Written English.
  4. teach deaf to READ.
  5. don't use the words "dumb" or "mute" except in the correct denotations (dictionary meaning).
  6. deaf kids are usually born to hearing adults who either don't sign often or well, therefore it's harder for them to get lots of communication.
  7. cochlear implants are NOT the answer.
  8. we are deaf, it is *primarily* a communication difference and *secondarily* a disability.
  9. respect deaf people and ASL.
  10. hearing teachers, do your own education of yourself, don't expect deaf people to do it ALL for you.
  11. cued speech is merely a TOOL.
  12. ASL and english are languages that deaf people need to know.
  13. mainstreaming -- the anecdotal evidence is that if there is not more than a certain number of deaf kids, it's not gonna work well.
  14. hire GOOD interpreters!
  15. MCE, SEE, and the like are sign systems -- they are NOT substitutes for ASL and english.
  16. do NOT force deaf people to talk -- speech is a useful TOOL that can be used by some, but not most, deaf people.
  17. why are you not asking a deaf person to join with you in giving this talk? suggest you do so, with a GOOD interpreter.
  18. educate yourself and the other teachers about usage of good interpreters.

(Contributed by Tom Lyczko at 18 Sep 1994.)

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2005 Dec 1