Dream classroom for deaf students

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Dream classroom:

  1. Total freedom to be creative
  2. Clear Communication ( any method that works!)
  3. Allow the student to NATURALLY choose his/her path, be it art, language or science
  4. Lots of interaction and role playing
  5. Freedom to express and discuss emotions/thoughts
  6. A little garden plot to develop responsiblity and use it as an example of Life
  7. Lots of different Role models from all types of employment visit the classroom ....sharing and participating in the student's education

And lastly.............

  1. Giving the student an opportunity to make some decisions in their educational choices.

The Piaget's method of teaching has worked wonders for my son, and I encourage this type of teaching......

(Contributed by Vikee Waltrip at 25 Jul 1995.)

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2005 Nov 30