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Manifest of Purpose

The DEAF-L discussion list does not have as many Frequently Asked Questions as Frequently Argued-about Topics. Therefore, the DEAF-INFO Web Site is set up not only to answer frequently-asked questions, but also to summarize points which had already arisen during arguments. The hope is that the next time the same subject is argued again, the sides to the argument will at least bring forth fresh new points instead of rehashing again and again the same points.

The DEAF-INFO Web Site has also the secondary purpose of educating the general Internet population about dealing with hearing impairment. For this purpose, it contains also several documents with factual information about various aspects related to deafness.

Even more information can be located by following links to other WWW pages and contacting organizations.

To learn about deafness, you should not only contact organizations serving the following:

  • Parents of hearing impaired babies.
  • Adult hearing impaired persons.
  • People who got deafened at old age.

but also browse the summaries of discussions in the controversial issues part. This part can help parents of newly-diagnosed deaf babies also in making better evaluation of the advice, which they get from professionals and from non-professional hearing-impaired persons in their geographical area.

The DEAF-INFO Web Site is never complete. All of you are most welcome to point out inaccuracies, misrepresentations, awkward expressions; and to contribute better answers. If you volunteer to summarize discussions on certain topics on DEAF-L and forward me those summaries, the summaries will be accepted with gratitude.

Finally, if you believe that the material in the DEAF-INFO Web Site is not balanced with respect to a controversial issue, it'll be useless and profitless to flame me. Contribute an article explaining your point of view instead!

E-mail your contributions to Omer Zak and add a statement authorizing Omer to put your contribution on the DEAF-INFO Web Site.

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2005 Dec 1