CAN - Computer Assisted Notetaking

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Computer Assisted Notetaking (CAN) is a method for making lecture (or speech) notes for helping deaf people follow those discussions. The notetaker summarizes (and types on the computer) whatever is being said. No attempt is made to faithfully reproduce all uttrances of the speakers.

One such system is the Trilingual CAN System.

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CAN usage by NADP

(Contributed by Ishbel Donkin at 15 Dec 1993.)

The National Association of Deafened People (NADP), of which I am a member, cover a wide range of types of deafness, i.e. some born-deaf, some partially hearing, some deafened in childhood and others as adults either progressively or suddenly and totally.

For many meetings we use Palantype (speech relayed via monitors through the medium of a hearing Palantype operator, who listens to the proceedings and types on a specially developed machine which has coded keys - everything is covered as far as possible, speakers and audience responses. It does help to speed up proceedings, and for large meetings a big screen is used for projection of the words).

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