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At first, it may seem that the experience of music is as alien to the world of the Deaf as, say, the experience of deep sea life is to birds.

However, just as there are birds which catch fish in the sea, there is contact between the world of the Deaf and the world of music. And I am not speaking only about Beethoven (who was late-deafened adult anyway).

There are hearing people who are "tone-deaf" and are unable to appreciate music. There are hard-of-hearing people who can, with proper amplification, fully enjoy music. People who are profoundly or totally deaf can nevertheless feel the vibrations if they stand next to speakers or stand on a vibrating floor.

There are also types of music which are not based upon sounds - like Sign Language based singing, or presentations which use all kinds of moving light patterns.

On the other hand, the ability to appreciate music is very individualistic. Schools who do not make music classes fully elective for hearing impaired children, usually do them disservice, in my opinion.

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1997 Apr 28
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The biggest joke of this WWW page is that with all pompousness of heading and trailing information, there is remarkably little number of actual Beethoven jokes in this WWW page.

Go ahead, read and explode with laughter!

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