Checklist for evaluation of "oral success" claims

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Someone claims to be Oral success. Is he really Oral success?

  1. Most important - is the person considered as 'Oral success' still a child, or is the person already adult living independently?

  2. Claiming to be successful orally (at least in the social setting) is akin to males bragging about their sexual capabilities. One has to take both kinds of claims with grain (or more than grain) of salt.

  3. Was the oral deaf person subjected to 'the real life' outside of school or academic world for several years? Did the person get married? Were the marriages stable?

  4. Are there any quantitative figures about the quality of social life which the 'oral success' deaf have?

    Note: there is need to establish some criteria and the right kind of questions to evaluate the quality of one's social life because it depends also upon one's personality and his expectations of his life.

  5. Did the oral deaf pass the stage in their life in which they abandon the kind of life plotted for them by their parents and teachers, and set out to make life according to their own tastes (this stage is typically characterized by deaf women divorcing their hearing husbands after few years of marriage; changing jobs; changing drastically the characteristics of social life; etc.)?

Last update date: 
2005 Nov 30