A Shocking Story Told by an Anti-CI Deaf

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I went ahead!

(Contributed by Bob Rourke at 3 Oct 1995.)

Bob Rourke who may be known as pro-Deaf, wants to share his true story which may be shocking to you:

I must admit that I was in agony for a long time because I feel confused about whether I should improve my deaf ears over last several months especially after I recently learned a lot from others who have done it. I also felt that I was fairly and sufficiently informed. After writing down a long list of pros and cons and thinking seriously, Will it change my life?, Will it change other people's attitudes toward me?, Will I look funny with the additional equipments on my ears?, etc, it being in a very low risk, was confirmed to be true, almost nothing compared to other major surgeries so I decided to go ahead with only my left ear which has less residual hearing than my right ear. I was very nervous while I was on the way to the office and sat in the waiting room. The friendly nurse came in and called my name. I was very anxious trying to think up of any excuses that could get me out of it at the last minute but there was none. So I sticked with my longtime plan, anyway. The nurse sat me down in a small private room and gave me all the instructions about ears. She picked up the huge machine and aimed to my left ear. I almost panicked but POOF! I got a ear newly pierced!

Bob Rourke - Me, CI??? No way! What a wishful thinking you have! Heh! Heh! :-)

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