Could your boss be...deaf?

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How our deaf Senior Managers could keep their deafness a secret? Here's how. (I work for one of them.)

  1. Their secretaries take detailed notes. (The secretaries must know shorthand or be fast notetakers.)
  2. Their aides whisper in their ear, as if something else important has come up.
  3. They tell people to *stop mumbling and speak up*.
  4. They have a close closed circle of friends who protect them.
  5. People assume what problems in communication that there are, are their fault and not the Managers.

It is called "Offensive Deafness" as in a "good offensive is the best defense."

The man I work for was hearing but lost it in Vietnam when he commanded an gunnery unit. The noise destroyed his hearing.

(Contributed by Virginia Carper at 21 Nov 1994.)

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1995 Sep 22