Cued Speech solves problems of other communication methods

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Please contact Simon Roffe (look for him using Google) for more information. He was developing a Web site around the subject of cued speech.

Cued Speech vs. ASL

In ASL, the problem here was that it wasn't easy to learn for hearing parents, who comprise over 90 percent of the parents of the deaf.

Cued Speech vs. SEE

In SEE, the same problems arise as in ASL. Basically with all visual languages, the problem with them all is spoken English language. You want to be able to give the child the parent's native language. You want to be able to talk to the child with your own personality, voice, etc. That is not to say THAT DEAF CHILDREN WILL NOT ALSO LEARN A SIGNING SYSTEM, AS MOST CUE KIDS DO, but to say that for good FAMILY COMMUNICATION, the language of the parent's should be accessible to the child.

Cued Speech vs. Oralism

With Oralism, That's where Cued Speech comes in. Dr. Cornett identified the problem as a lack of language. He saw that Oralism was not working because so many things look alike on the lips. Small deaf children who do not have language cannot use context clues to help them lipread and learn language. Cued Speech eliminates this problem and also requires the child to lipread while reading the cue.

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2005 Nov 30