Central Auditory Processing Problems

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This Web page is not intended to replace your doctor's point of view. This is solely for information only. I have tried to keep the information as accurate and up to date as much as possible. If you have any medical questions refer those to your specialist. I am not a doctor. I am the Webmaster of this Web site. My goal is to gather information and make it available to people who suffer from CAP problems.


Missing information:

  1. Definition of CAP (Central Auditory Processing).
  2. What exactly happens when someone has CAP problems and why.

Symptoms of CAP problems

(Contributed by Virginia Carper at 21 Apr 1995.)

The following was received by regular mail from a rehabilitation center. Considering some of the recent conversation on this topic I thought others might be interested.


  • Difficulty understanding verbal instructions/directions
  • Delay in responding
  • Say "Huh" / "What" a lot
  • Forget what you tell him/her
  • Speech problems (R & L sounds)
  • Problems with blending sounds and discriminating sounds
  • Daydreamers/behaviour problems
  • Stop trying
  • Frequent need for repetition of directions and information
  • Use of gestures rather than verbal expression
  • Inability to discriminate between words that sound alike
  • Distractibility by outside noises
  • Inconsistent behaviour on a day to day basis
  • Difficulty remembering names and places
  • Difficulty repeating sounds, letters, & numbers in sequence
  • Possible speech and language delays
  • Possible histroy of ear infections
  • isolates him/herself by retreating to a quiet area

Hopefully this will be of interest. A word of caution! Don't think your child has C.A.P.'s because of this list. These are some of the signs of that possibility. If you do suspect this after reading the list then make an appointment with your Audiologist or Speech Pathologist. C.A.P.'s is not normally tested for unless someone is looking for it.

Regards, John Sek, C.E.T., C.S.T.

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1995 Oct 6