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This WWW page contains a bibliography of deafness related books and CD-ROMs. Certain subjects have their own specialized bibliographies. Links to those bibliographies exist in the next section.

If you compiled a specialized bibliography and made it available in a WWW site, please let me know about it and I'll be glad to add a link to your bibliography.

Bibliography - deafness-related

  • "American Deaf Culture: An Anthology by Sherman Wilcox, Ed.

  • "Deaf Heritage" by Jack R. Gannon
    Dr. Gannon is working on the second volume (as of March 1995).

  • "A Place of Their Own" by John V. van Cleve
    (Dr. van Cleve is an editor of the encyclopedia of the deaf, which is a set of three volumes for over $295)

  • "Deaf in America: Voices from Culture" by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries

  • "The Mask of Benevolence" by Harlan Lane

  • "Deafness" by David Wright
    This is an autobiography

  • "Outsiders in a Hearing World - a sociology of deafness"
    Author: Paul C Higgins ?
    Sage Publications Inc.
    275 South Beverly Drive
    Beverly Hills, California 90212
    Copyrighted (=year of publication? - I couldn't be sure) : 1980.

  • "Bilingual Teaching of Deaf Children in Denmark: description of a project 1982-1992."

  • (Contributed by Gerald Venable at 20 Nov 1993.)

    "A Child Sacrificed to the Deaf Culture" by Tom Bertling

    A shocking and bold new book from a deaf writer.

    A must-read for anyone associated with deaf children and those interested in the deaf. Complete insight on everything one should know about residential deaf schools and the culturally deaf community's way of life.

    A first-hand report from a culturally deaf writer educated at a residential deaf school with a disclosure of many shocking circumstances surrounding residential deaf schools as well as an expose' of the deaf "culture" with information the deaf community does not want widespread public knowledge of.

    In his timely report on a topic getting national attention, the writer defies the deaf culture's "confirmity" protocal and presents information which is sure to provoke the ire of many deaf community's leaders.

    The cost is $22.90 included shipping for one copy.

    The publisher's address is:
    Kodiak Media Group
    PO BOX 1029, KF23
    Wilsonville, OR 97070

  • "What's That Pig Outdoors?", by Henry Kisor.

    It is published by Penguin Books:
    Penguin Books USA Inc.
    375 Hudson Street
    New York, NY 10014 USA

    Penguin Books Ltd.
    27 Wrights Lane
    London W8 5TZ England

    Penguin Books Australia Ltd.
    Victoria, Australia

    Penguin Books Canada Ltd.
    2801 John Street

    Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 1B4

    Penguin Books (N.Z.) Ltd.
    182-190 Wairau Road
    Auckland 10, New Zealand

Assistive Technology bibliography

  • "Assistive Devices: Doorways to Independence"
    Author: Cynthia L. Compton.
    Published by: Assistive Devices Center
    Dept. of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
    School of Communication
    Gallaudet University
    Copyright © 1989, Assistive Devices Center

    For additional copies, contact:
    The Academy of Dispensing Audiologists
    30008 Millwood Avenue
    Columbia, South Carolina 29205

    Or the Gallaudet University Bookstore.

    Note: The information is up to date as of November 1993.

    How Technology Impact the Lives of People with Disabilities

    Marcia J. Scherer
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    National Technical Institute for the Deaf

    "...takes the needs of the whole person into account"
    Senator Tom Harkin

    "...the hard part is not the answer, but asking the right questions"
    Dr. Frank Bowe
    Hofstra University

    "...a caring book written for those who care"
    Dr. Roberta Trieschmann

    "Required reading for anyone who wants to understand the depth and complexity of the disability experience"
    Dr. Margaret A. Nosek
    Director, ILRU
    Baylor College of Medicine

    "Dr. Scherer gives us a consumer-driven, person-centered model to match the person to the device to get us all out of a state of stuck. It is an intelligent book about real people."
    Dr. Harry Murphy
    Founder and Director
    Center on Disabilities
    Calif. State, Northridge

    "Through example and discussion, accented wtih stories about and words directly from consumers, Dr. Scherer has been able to provide insight into both the potentials and limitations of technology, as well as the importance of its applications within a general intervention/assistance program"
    Dr. Gregg Vanderheiden
    Director, Trace Center
    President, RESNA

    Assistive technology is changing the lives of persons with disabilities. Dr. Scherer sets the background for this transformation and discusses the implications of assistive technology in these persons' lives.

    NOW IN PAPERBACK FOR $25.95, Hardcover for $32.95.
    Available from:
    P.O. Box 1046
    Cambridge, MA 02238

    Note: The information is up to date as of November 1993.

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